Why use a Managed DNS provider? 

The Domain Name System (DNS) is key for the modern Internet to work in the practical, efficient and reliable way we know it.

DNS matches domain names of websites with their IP addresses and vice-versa. Users just write a domain name in their browser. This browser queries the DNS server, which matches the domain name with its right IP address. 

What is managed DNS?

Managed DNS is a service model for clients to use DNS servers hosted by a specific provider to save their DNS data and activate Internet access to their website.

Managed DNS is a service operated by an expert DNS hosting companies.

Managing your own DNS servers

You can have your own server/s and complete control. Access to their configuration, changing and setting of parameters, etc. But with big power comes big responsibility.

First, tech knowledge is required to accomplish such tasks. To perfectly protect and keep the servers working is a full-time job. You need capable network administrators who also can be updating their knowledge. New tech and threats appear constantly.

Advantages of managed DNS

Security for your business

Protection from DNS attacks (like DDoS threats), constant monitoring, and security upgrades are critical, daily tasks for DNS providers.

Make the best out of your budget

Managed DNS is affordable. There are different plans suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses. 

To get the latest tech regularly and the human team needed to do everything in house could be more expensive. DNS companies are just focused on providing this service, and you have this worry and many more related to managing your business. DNS providers have many clients and can afford the purchase of the newest hardware and software frequently. For businesses, especially small and medium-size, this could be hard to keep. 

Worldwide presence, performance, and great up-time

DNS companies manage large DNS networks to offer clients vast points of presence (PoPs) all around the globe.

When you pay to be hosted in such a network, instead of just in one server, the response time and loading time totally get boosted. Besides, you can guarantee permanent access to your website no matter the place where the request is made. Downtime won’t be a worry for you.

Scalability, a real and useful choice

You can scale from simpler plans to more complete ones and the opposite, based on your business needs.

The best infrastructure

Supply your business with the most modern, safe, and efficient hardware, software, and human experts to narrow the chance of failure. 

Customized build choices

Besides the included features in your plan, you can get additional stuff. DDoS protection, DNS failover, Anycast DNS, and more. You can create tailored plans with the exact number of DNS requests and precisely what you need.

What to look for in a DNS provider?

Consider providers that suit your business needs and offer you the following.

  • Available servers exactly where your business needs them.
  • Friendly and robust control panel (interface).
  • Extra DNS services and advanced features like DDoS protection. 
  • Load balancing mechanism for better performance.
  • Unlimited DNS queries. Some companies charge for every single query.
  • Customer support included.
  • Affordable rates. Bulk prices, discounts if you get yearly plans or you buy more stuff than the basic.
  • Reputation and trustability proved with positive metrics like uptime records, the response time (locally and internationally), clients, security measures, and effectiveness.
  • Different plans so you can scale up or down, depending on your needs.


DNS infrastructure is critical for businesses. You can build it on your own, but not being in charge of such a delicate and demanding task allows you to be focused on other critical tasks.

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