Free DNS vs Premium DNS

Why is DNS service critical for your business?

The DNS service is critical for users to access your website through the Internet.

DNS servers manage queries to your domain. Furthermore, they impact your website’s performance (security, speed, uptime) and users’ experience.

Check this out:

  • A secure DNS service will protect and upgrade security against attacks like DDoS.
  • Fast response to users’ queries and fast loading time are a must. Don’t push potential clients away. Besides, both criteria are considered by search engines to rank your site better or worse. 
  • Uptime means how constantly your website is available for users. Frequent down servers or fails can shut down your website with negative consequences for your pocket.
  • Consider not all providers offer the same quality and guarantees. There is a big difference between hosting your domain name in a single server or a network, with servers located in different points of the world. Having limited or unlimited queries also makes a difference. 
  • How secure, fast, and available your site will be, depends on the kind of DNS service you choose.

Let’s explore what Free DNS and Premium DNS have in store for you.

Free DNS

This service supplies the basic DNS infrastructure for websites to perform online. It’s zero cost. 

There are many free DNS hosting providers in the market. They include different features, but in general, a free DNS service can provide:

  • Resources to manage your DNS records and domain zones. 
  • Dynamic DNS. 
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Support for queries through IPv4 and native IPv6.
  • Support for the following records: A, AAA, PTR, LOC, SSHFP, SPF, RP, NAPTR, NS, CNAME, TXT, SRV, ALIAS, and CAA.
  • One account, multiple domains.
  • Support for forward and reverse DNS zones.
  • Email forwards.
  • Web redirects.
  • A number of monthly queries, enough for a small business. 
  • *Customer support 24/7. 

*Not all. 

Free DNS is for me if…

You own a website that not yet has high and international traffic. For instance, start-ups, small or local businesses, blogs. Free DNS will provide you with a stable domain with average speed and features to manage your site.

Everybody needs a starting point. Free DNS could help you strengthen your business and get ready for the next step.

Premium DNS

It’s a paid service that provides superior features for your website to run smoothly. The word “guarantee” makes a big difference with the free service. Usually, you can expect:

  • Robust DNS servers’ networks. A lot more presence points for your business.
  • GeoDNS and other load balancing methods. 
  • More DNS zones. 
  • Guaranteed uptime.
  • Higher speed.
  • Faster loading time.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Millions of queries, and often unlimited amount.
  • Monitoring and checkings, DNSSEC support, cryptographic, and more advanced tech security to protect your site from vulnerabilities and attacks. You get more or fewer features, according to the plan you pick. 
  • Efficient traffic management.
  • DNS failover.
  • Many email forwards.
  • Professional support 24/7.

Premium DNS is for me if…

Your business has big traffic to manage and a global presence. In this case, uninterrupted uptime is vital for responding to millions of worldwide queries.  

If you require a high-security level to guarantee transactions and protection for users’ data. 

Think about banking, e-Commerce, fintech companies, payment, government and accounting systems, etc.

We recommend you take a look at the following article: Why use a Managed DNS provider?


To choose a Free or Premium DNS, always consider your real business needs. 

Free DNS is more vulnerable in terms of security and downtime, but it works. 

Premium DNSfeatures make it more reliable. Higher security, speed, and uptime are not factors to ignore. They totally boost websites’ performance.  

Such qualities attract visitors like bees to honey and positively impress search engines. Think about it and good luck with your decision!

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